Week 4 Legislative Update

General Assembly Committees Begin Work

While there was little activity this week in moving legislation forward, most committees used this week to assign subcommittee membership, leadership positions and begin hearings on newly introduced legislation.  Almost every bill that is introduced in the House is sent to a subcommittee of the full committee.  The House subcommittees are where the public has their opportunity to comment, ask and get questions answered about the impact of proposed legislation.  The Senate can assign legislation to subcommittees, but due to the smaller size of the Senate, constructing subcommittees can be difficult.  Therefore most legislation in the Senate is discussed during full meetings of Senate committees.

 A number of immigration related bills have been introduced in the House and Senate, as well as another inter-basin water transfer bill in the House (HB 134). This Thursday the House plans to adopt the amended FY 2010 budget, which ends June 30, 2010.  This amended FY 2010 budget bill, called the “Supplemental Budget”, will then be sent to the Senate for their consideration.  The major purpose of the supplemental budget is to fund the additional teacher slots needed in growing school systems.  When the supplemental budget passes the House, work on next fiscal year’s state budget will begin in earnest.

The leadership of the General Assembly has set the calendar for the next three weeks.  There will only be three legislative days used in each week, primarily on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Therefore, by the last week of February, only 19 days of the 40 day legislative session will have been completed.

After 10 legislative days, a combined 227 House and Senate bills have been introduced as well an additional 255 resolutions.

Thirty (30) legislative days remain in the 2011 Legislative Session.

Have a great week.

This weekly legislative update is brought to you by the Douglas County Chamber Government Affairs Committee as well as The Regional Business Coalition of Metropolitan Atlanta (RBC). The RBC is an organization of over a dozen local Chambers of Commerce throughout the metro Atlanta region.  RBC member chambers represent over 15,000 member companies who employ over 3 million metro Atlanta residents.  The RBC’s primary goal is to represent the interests of RBC Chamber members on regional public policy issues impacting our transportation, water and air quality and to advocate for solutions that improve metro Atlanta’s quality of life and economic vitality.  This weekly update is prepared for RBC member Chambers by Terry Lawler, RBC Executive Director, who can be contacted at tlawler@rbcatl.com or 770-310-1864.

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