2011 Legislative Agenda


 Douglas County Chamber of Commerce

2011 Legislative Agenda


1. We believe a dependable transportation network and reliable mobility are important for our businesses and residents. The Chamber is part of a collaborative effort to complete the GA Hwy 92 Corridor Project as the major north-south corridor between crowded Paulding and Douglas counties. In addition, the Chamber supports the Lee Road project as the major east-west corridor in our community. These projects will provide reliable travel time and will allow businesses to attract new customers while the entire region grows and prospers. The success of these two local projects will define the future of our community.

The Douglas County Chamber supports efforts to create a bold and timely transit governance solution that will aid in discussions and adoption of the region’s project investment list which will ultimately address metro Atlanta’s transit governance issues.

2. We request that no further budget cuts or amended formula adjustments are made to the K-12 Education Budget and ask that you restore previous cuts wherever possible.

3. We support workable Inter-basin Water Transfer Regulation. Legislation was introduced in the 2010 legislation session that could have severely impacted metro Atlanta’s ability to continue to receive inter-basin water transfers.  The inter-basin transfer of water is a practice presently approved and used in 28 counties, impacting approximately 1 million Georgians and constitutes less than two percent of the water withdrawn in Georgia statewide.

4. We believe that Taxes and Fees that are collected in Douglasville and Douglas County should be returned to our community for use as they were intended.  The Chamber is also supportive of overarching Tax Reform initiatives.

The Douglas County Chamber of Commerce is proud to endorse and support the agenda of the Regional Business Coalition. The Regional Business Coalition (RBC) is comprised of 16 local chambers of commerce and business organizations in the metro Atlanta region.


**For more information about the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce Legislative Agenda, please contact President and CEO Kali Kirkham Boatright at 770-942-5022 or at Boatright@douglascountygeorgia.com.

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