Local Businesses Share Why They Opened in Douglas County

n1002357448_5692As part of our Buy Local Campaign, we thought it would be a benefit for locally owned businesses to share why they started their business here in Douglas County and what it means to their business for Douglas County residents to Buy Local/Think Local.   Here are a few responses we have received so far:

Owner of Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio in Douglasville, Valerie Howell shares her answers to the questions: “Why did you start your business (organization/non-profit) and why did you start it here in Douglas County? What does it mean to your business for Douglas County residents to Buy Local/Think Local?”
   “Merle Norman Cosmetics opened in DC in 1970. I started working there in High School and during college breaks.  After graduating from college, I returned home to work as the Manager for a year at MN, and at the age of 23, with my parents co-signing for the loan, I purchased the Douglasville Merle Norman Studio. This year marks 25 years for me being in business in DC. I have seen many changes take place in our county, businesses coming & going, and I am so grateful for my loyal customers who have supported me all these years! I owe a lot to my biggest supporters, my parents, my terrific employees, and to God for blessing my business. Thank you Douglas County for 25 wonderful years! :)MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO is located on 2866 Chapel Hill Rd and can be reached at (770) 942-0282. 



n1631952886_6984Patricia & Stan Wenck are local business owners running Know For Sure Lab & Wenck Travel.  Patricia shares her perspective with us,” As residents of Douglas County, we had no question as to the location of our businesses – Know for Sure Lab & Wenck Travel.  Being part of a community means doing whatever we can improve the quality of life in that community.  Owning businesses in Douglas County gives us an opportunity to contribute to the local economy through our taxes, revenues, purchases of operational products and services, and eventually creating additional jobs. A vital part of the growth of these businesses is our membership in the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce. Taking advantage of all the benefits offered by the Chamber is giving us contacts and name recognition through a variety of networking opportunities. We also receive educational workshops covering many facets required to operate a successful business.” Know for Sure Lab is located on 8355 Cherokee Blvd., Ste. 204 and can be reached at (770) 489-3370.  For more information on Wenck Travel, email Patricia at  www.wencktravel.com or at info@wencktravel.com.

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